Replacement Guarantee

Notify us of the damaged or defective product as soon as possible. In line with our 15 Days Replacement Guarantee, you have 15 days from the date of delivery to return the product for a replacement. The 15 Days Replacement Guarantee is applicable to all physical products sold on

Please ensure that the product is returned in the original condition you had received it. We will send you a brand new replacement at no extra cost to you.

Items should be returned in the original condition you had received them. Please understand that we cannot accept returns in certain instances:

- Damages due to misuse of product
- Incidental damage due to malfunctioning of product
- Any consumable item which has been used or installed
- Products with tampered or missing serial number
- Any damage / defect which is not covered under the manufacturer's warranty
- Any product that is returned without all original packaging and accessories, including the box, manufacturer's packaging if any, and all other items originally included with the product(s) delivered

 All physical products sold by Fotocart are covered by this guarantee. Replacement can be for the entire product or part(s) of the product subject to availability of the same on


Online image selling is not applicable under 15 Days Replacement Guarantee.