Transcend MicroSDHC 32GB 200X Premium Card without Adapter

Transcend MicroSDHC 32GB 200X
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Product Description

Today’s advanced smartphones and tablets are fast and powerful, with memory hungry apps and full-HD recording capabilities that perform best with high-speed, high-capacity storage media. Offering vast storage space and superior read/write speeds, Transcend’s microSDHC cards are the perfect memory upgrade solution to keep pace with your mobile lifestyle.

From the Manufacturer

Today’s mobile devices are becoming increasingly more advanced and powerful. With the launch of smart phones, tablets, ebooks, ultrabooks and more, you will need a versatile memory card that can keep up with your gadget upgrades. Transcend’s Ultimate Series Class 10 micro SDHC card is an ideal solution for users looking to extend storage capacity and improve transfer speed.

Upgrade to Full Speed

Transcend’s Class 10 micro SD card can deliver fast and reliable performance with read and write speed of up to 20/14 MBs. It is designed for recording full high definition 1080p videos at high speed as well as high resolution photographs, which means you will never miss a dropped frame.

Launch Apps in Seconds

Are lagging apps on your smart phones and tablets interrupting your daily routine? Transcend’s class 10 micro SD Card can extend the storage memory on your device, allowing you to acquire more and run them at faster speed.


Transcend’s Class 10 micro SD Card supports all SD 3.0 devices is backward compatible with all SD 2.0 devices. The card comes with a full-size SDHC adapter for convenient file transferring. You can also take advantage of faster speed by pairing the memory card with our RDF8 card reader. Downloading and uploading contents between devices will be quick and seamless.

RecoverR x software
With a purchase of Transcend Class 10 micro SD Card, you can download our exclusive RecoveRx software for free. This user-friendly application allows you to conduct an in-depth search within your storage device for traces of erased files to be recovered.

Built-in Error Correction Code (ECC)
The memory cards are equipped with built-in ECC, which automatically detects and corrects potential transfer errors. Paired with a write-protection switch, you will never have to worry about any data loss.

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